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A more equitable workforce

CAVU Benefit Corporation

CAVU exists to make a more equitable workforce. We do that by creating engaging, effective, and accessible learning experiences. We just happen to teach Agile.

In other words… we elevate Agile by elevating the workforce.

CAVU from the Start

Our story began in 2019, when our Founders (Chris Sims and McCaul Baggett) worked closely with Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Scrum Inc., where they played a pivotal role in one of the world’s largest Scrum@Scale implementations at John Deere Global IT. This experience, culminating in Chris & McCaul becoming one of the 15 esteemed Registered Scrum Fellows, set the stage for a revolution in Agile education.

The seeds of CAVU were sown in 2020 with a partnership between Innovate Birmingham and Sigao Studios (our sister company), bringing elite Scrum training to Alabama’s aspiring learners. A scholarship program ignited a wildfire of interest, leading to the launch of the first Registered Scrum Master and Product Owner bootcamp. The success was palpable, but the onset of a global pandemic presented an unforeseen challenge that demanded a nimble pivot to online training.

The Pivot to Virtual

Adapting to virtual delivery was not without its trials. Agile training, known for its hands-on and interactive nature, faced the threat of losing its essence in the impersonal void of digital communication. However, CAVU’s innovative spirit shone through. We transformed our training approach, breaking down sessions into shorter, more digestible formats, enhancing learner engagement and content retention. Interactive on-demand tools and gamification became our allies in this new virtual landscape.

2022 marked a milestone with the relaunch of our platform, focusing on a community-centric approach. Inspired by the social dynamics of platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, we created an interactive environment where global learners could connect, collaborate, and grow together. This global community enriched our training, providing diverse insights into Agile’s application across various cultural and professional landscapes.

The Path Ahead

Our learners often describe their journey with CAVU as life-changing. Our approach goes beyond professional training; we integrate Agile into the fabric of their personal lives. The LevelUp scholarship program has been a cornerstone in building our diverse, global community, offering insights into the multifaceted applications of Agile.

Looking ahead, CAVU envisions a future of deepening and expanding our learners’ professional and personal growth. We aspire to create Wisdom Communities, small global groups where learners can connect with Agile experts worldwide. Our platform, constantly evolving with cutting-edge tooling, aims to make this vision scalable and accessible to a worldwide audience.

At CAVU, we’re not just about Agile training; we’re about building a global family of empowered, enlightened, and connected individuals. Our journey continues, driven by the passion to transform lives and careers through the power of Agile learning.

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