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CAVU’s LevelUp Scrum Master Scholarship represents an investment in your future, providing you the insight and guidance necessary to elevate your Agile career.

Femal Person of Color Product Owner

Want to build products that matter?

Scrum roles help you do that

Scrum is a world-leading project management framework adopted by most technology companies on the planet (and many non-tech companies). Understanding what it is and how it works gives you the tools to build a career you love!

Not a software developer, but any team member that develops solutions to the problems the team faces.

Scrum Masters build great teams! They are like the team therapist and coach, who guide a team to working sustainably.

The Product Owner identifies problems that the team’s customers are facing and prioritizes the order in which those problems are solved.


Solve Human Problems

The Developer Role

Great Developers are problem solvers. They listen to the Product Owner and work with real users to build solutions that solve human problems. If you love tinkering and building, the Scrum Developer role might be for you. 

Build Great Teams

The Scrum Master

Scrum Masters are leaders that serve. They support a team in building sustainable processes and working well together. If you like facilitating and helping groups work together, the Scrum Master role could be a great fit for you.

Design Great Products

The Product Owner

Great Product Owners inspire confidence and prioritize the problems a team will solve to create value. They are storytellers, prioritizers, and passionate communicators. If this sounds like you, check out the Product Owner role!

We help you get there

CAVU Expands Diversity in Scrum and Agile Roles

At CAVU, our commitment is to foster diversity in the workforce by making top-tier Scrum training accessible to all. While we started this journey with external help, we’ve now created a self-sustaining model, where the contributions from full-price members help fund the training of those less able to afford it.

By choosing CAVU, you are not just receiving world-class training – you’re earning two crucial certifications and helping someone else get the same opportunity. This creates a powerful cycle of success and learning.

If you meet the requirements, you can benefit from a heavily discounted enrollment, making your leap into a successful Agile career even easier.

Diversity is everyone's responsibility

Who qualifies?

CAVU’s scholarship investments are designed to build a more equitable Agile workplace. To achieve that, we offer subsidized enrollment to members from the following communities or identities:

  • Low Income
  • Black, Indigenous, or People of Color
  • LGBTQ+
  • Women

The Offering

What Does the Scholarship Provide?
Our LevelUp Scholarship offers a comprehensive Agile learning package designed to elevate your Agile skills and professional standing. Here’s what the scholarship provides:

Comprehensive Access

Gain all-inclusive access to our Agile Accelerator as well as all of our on-demand learning content.

Credentialing Exams

We cover your exam fees and first-year registration in the International Registry of Agile Professionals.

Exclusive Community

Join an exclusive scholar-only community, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and support.

Career Coaching

Receive personalized career coaching from the CAVU team, guiding you on your Agile career path.

Significant Savings

Enjoy a substantial discount compared to the standard cost of these certifications, making this a valuable investment in your professional development.

continuous growth

Enhance your Agile skills and professional standing with our comprehensive online learning courses, enabling greater opportunities and continuous learning.

Your Path to Success

Our Scrum Master Scholarship Process

Our goal is to elevate Agile practices and create a more equitable workforce. Our scholarship process supports that mission. You can begin the application process in just a few minutes and be on your way to your next Scrum credentials in around 5 business days.

You are never alone

A Few Words from Past Participants

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