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CAVU offers a unique training experience that goes beyond traditional methods. Our approach is tailored, engaging, and immersive, ensuring not just learning but real-world application. Join us to elevate your skills in a way that’s innovative, effective, and distinctly CAVU.
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Launching your Agile journey or elevating your Scrum practice has never been easier. Our expertise is in transforming teams from good to exceptional, driving agility that delivers. Let us guide you to Agile excellence.

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Take control of your Agile evolution with CAVU’s Agile Accelerator. Designed for flexibility and interactivity, our program is perfect for aspiring Scrum Masters, Product Owners, or anyone looking to deepen their Agile knowledge. 

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Ready to LevelUp?

Unlock your potential with CAVU’s LevelUp Scholarship. We believe an equitable workplace leads to a better world of work. This scholarship opens doors for members of LGBTQ+, BIPOC communities, women to excel.

More than your next credential

CAVU Trains With purpose

CAVU is a social learning platform dedicated to creating a more equitable workforce by offering personalized Agile education for early-career professionals. Our mission is to empower learners from diverse backgrounds to excel in Agile methodologies and drive business success. We are guided by the core values of Scrum, including commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect.

More than your next credential

Learn from Global Leaders in Agility

Chris Sims, RSM, RPO, RS@SP, RST, RS@ST, RSF


Chief Product Officer

Chris Sims, CPO of CAVU, leads Agile teams with 20+ years of software engineering and 16 years of project management experience. He coaches clients of all sizes and is a Scrum Fellow, recognized for exceeding Scrum Inc. standards and being an expert in Scrum Implementation and education.


Chief Agile Officer

As CAO at CAVU, McCaul brings a wealth of Agile expertise, with a focus on transformational leadership. With over 10 years in Agile coaching and Scrum training, he is recognized for his innovative approaches to Agile adoption and his commitment to spreading Agile practices to underserved communities.

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