Scrum@Scale Launchpad

Scrum@Scale Launchpad

Dive into CAVU’s Scrum Bootcamp, an immersive, hands-on course that equips participants with Scrum Mastery and Product Ownership skills through expert instruction and a best-in-breed social learning platform for an unparalleled learning experience.



Course Description

Unlock the full potential of Scrum at an enterprise level with our Scrum@Scale Launchpad course. This comprehensive on-demand course is designed to equip professionals across all levels with a deep understanding of the core principles and practical application of Scrum@Scale. Explore how to effectively implement this agile framework within large teams and complex projects for optimized performance, collaboration, and scalability.

Course Outline

  1. Scrum@Scale Basics: Understand the fundamentals of scaling Scrum in larger organizations.
  2. Organizational Refactoring: Learn how to restructure organizations for optimal Scrum@Scale implementation.
  3. Scaling Multiple Teams: Discover techniques for effectively coordinating multiple Scrum teams.
  4. Leadership: Gain insights into the role of leadership in driving Scrum@Scale success.
  5. The Product Owner Cycle: Explore the Product Owner’s responsibilities within the Scrum@Scale framework.
  6. Executive MetaScrum: Delve into strategic vision, backlog prioritization, and high-level decision-making.
  7. The Scrum Master Cycle: Examine the Scrum Master’s role in cross-team coordination, delivery, and continuous improvement.
  8. Connecting the Two: Learn how to align the Product Owner and Scrum Master cycles for maximum effectiveness.
  9. Feedback, Metrics, and Transparency: Understand the importance of feedback, data-driven decision-making, and maintaining transparency.

Duration: 4 hours

Outcomes: Upon completing this course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively use Scrum in larger organizations, driving improved performance and collaboration at scale.