How to Run a MetaScrum

Mastering Agile Product & Portfolio Management


April 30,

Start time

2 PM

End time

3:30 PM

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What to Expect

This mini-class led by Agile Coach McCaul Baggett offers an opportunity to dive deep into the practical aspects of running MetaScrums in Agile environments @scale. This event promises an engaging learning experience, complete with answers to all your questions, a certificate of attendance, a recording of the session, and exclusive access to our MetaScrum Toolkit.

The Essence of MetaScrum

Dive into the core principles of MetaScrum, a pivotal element of Scrum@Scale, and discover how it facilitates strategic alignment and collaborative planning in a scaled Agile setting.

The Toolkit

Get acquainted with CAVU’s MetaScrum Toolkit, your comprehensive guide to mastering MetaScrum events. Learn how to utilize the MetaScrum Board, Epic Burndown Chart, and sample folders to streamline portfolio planning and ensure your Agile initiatives are in perfect alignment with your strategic goals.

Strategic Goals and Epic Burndowns

Understand the importance of setting and aligning strategic goals using OKRs or SMART goals. Visualize epic progress effectively to provide a comprehensive view of advancements.

Realignment Discussions and Effective Communication

Engage in productive discussions to ensure prioritization and coordination among teams. Develop a robust communication plan to relay decisions and changes efficiently post-MetaScrum.

Toolkit in Action

Through practical examples and interactive discussions, see how the MetaScrum Toolkit can be leveraged to create a cohesive environment where team activities contribute towards achieving strategic objectives.

Who Should Attend?

Well, obviously you should!  But, here are some groups that will get particular benefit from this free mini-class.

Agile professionals looking to deepen their understanding of Scrum@Scale

Product Owners and Scrum Masters aiming to enhance their strategic planning skills

Agile Coaches and Consultants interested in implementing MetaScrum in scaled environments

Anyone interested in Agile methodologies and looking to contribute effectively to a scaled Agile transformation

What Will I Take Away?

Beyond some outstanding content to strengthen your Agile expertise, you'll get...

A Recording of the Class

A Certificate of Attendance

Our MetaScrum Toolkit

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