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Eaton team, it's time to accelerate your business agility and Lean implementation with CAVU's Agile Accelerator.

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Agile Skills Are Fundamental

Modern jobs require modern ways of working. A strong, working knowledge of business agility and Agile frameworks provides a foundation to grow a leadership career in today’s workforce.

Inflexbile training programs slow your career momentum.

However, finding a training program that fits into your busy schedule, is affordable, and actually works is a daunting task. Most courses are designed for those who have their foot in the door and have lots of time and money to spend on traditional training programs.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to shine!
Imagine missing out on the chance to lead projects or move into desired job roles simply because you couldn’t find the right training that fits into your schedule and meets your specific learning needs. Each opportunity that passes by could have been your chance to shine.

Finding flexible Scrum training that works is challenging. Here's how we help.

We provide a flexible, affordable, and effective hybrid Scrum training platform designed to level up your career on your own terms. You get 20 hours of training, coaching, and 2 Scrum Credentials (the Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner Credential).

Tell Me More...

Self-paced Learning modules.

Dive into 10 hours of self-paced content tailored to fit into your busy schedule. Our comprehensive modules cover everything from the basics to advanced concepts in Scrum, designed to cater to both your learning pace and style.

Enhance Your Understanding

Alongside the self-directed modules, benefit from 9 hours of dedicated coaching. These sessions are crafted to reinforce your learning, help you overcome any challenges, and ensure you’re applying Agile principles effectively.

Equip yourself for success.
Test your knowledge and readiness with our practice exams designed to simulate the certification process for the Registered Scrum Master (RSM) and Registered Product Owner (RPO) credentials.

What will I gain?

Dual Scrum Credentials

Secure your Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner Credentials.

Flexibility & Diversity

Learn at your own pace with our blend of on-demand and instructor-led sessions that cater to diverse learning styles.

Practical Skill Building

Engage in challenge sessions that arm you with the practical skills needed to solve real-world problems.

Community & Support

Become a part of a vibrant community of professionals and receive ongoing coaching to ensure your Agile proficiency continues to thrive.

What will I learn?

This course will guide you the foundations of Agility through the lens of Scrum. Our trainers have worked directly with Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum to create a learning experience that will grow your Scrum Master and Product Owner practice.

Agile Accelerator Orientation

Learn the ropes of CAVU’s hybrid learning model and how it can help you earn your Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner credentials.

Start with Why

Companies spend billions of dollars per year implementing and rolling out Agile methodologies. Find out why.

Before the Sprint

In this section, we will learn how to take big ideas and make them small enough to fit in a Sprint. We will explore Agile estimation techniques such as Planning Poker and Affinity Sizing. 

From there, we will dive into how to run an effective and efficient Sprint Planning session.

During the Sprint

The course breaks down the Daily Scrum, a critical daily meeting where teams inspect progress towards the Sprint Goal. In addition to the Daily Scrum, you will dive into the Scrum Patterns. These essential practices are critical in creating high-performing teams.

After the Sprint

Learn about the Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective activities. These activities keep you focused on continually improving your product and your team and are key to the success of effective Agile frameworks.

Scaling & Lean

Gain a high-level understanding of how to scale Scrum using Scrum with Scrum@Scale. From there, we dive into Lean techniques such as Value Stream Mapping and Root Cause Analysis.


Product Ownership

Understand the fundamental tools used to build mind blowing products that users love.


Exam Prep

Complete your challenge sessions and register for the RSM and RPO credential exams. You will have access to our Practice Exams and Mentoring sessions to make sure you are ready to ace your Agile Education Program Credential Exams.

Start Landing Interviews Now!

Enroll Today and Build a Resume That Works.


Special Eaton-Only Pricing (RSM Available as an addon. Select Agile Accelerator if you want the RSM-only option).

Build your foundational Agile skills with Agile Accelerator. Access essential tools, self-paced content, and community support.


Special Eaton-Only Pricing

Advance your career with our Accelerator+ Plan. Earn RSM and RPO credentials, benefit from lifetime coaching sessions, and gain comprehensive Agile training for long-term success.

Learn from Global Leaders in Agility

Our Agile Accelerator program is led by world-renowned Agilists, Chris Sims and McCaul Baggett. Their expertise and passion for Agile and Scrum training has shaped our unique approach.

With thousands of learners trained and a growing roster of satisfied enterprise customers, our track record speaks for itself. We’re committed to delivering high-quality, effective Agile training that drives real results.

Chris Sims, RSM, RPO, RS@SP, RST, RS@ST, RSF


Chief Product Officer

Chris Sims, CPO of CAVU, leads Agile teams with 20+ years of software engineering and 16 years of project management experience. He coaches clients of all sizes and is a Scrum Fellow, recognized for exceeding Scrum Inc. standards and being an expert in Scrum Implementation and education.


Chief Agile Officer

Scrum Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the agile training and consulting industry. Scrum Inc Scrum Trainer Fellow, Scrum Inc Scrum Master, Scrum Inc Product Owner, and Scrum@Scale Trainer.

What our students have to say...

I have just completed the Scrum Launchpad course! It was incredibly interesting and insightful. I enjoyed EVERY BIT of the content. Incredibly grateful for the opportunity and a big thank you to the CAVU team for putting this together!

Nnenna U.
LevelUp Scholar

CAVU created one of the most engaging courses I’ve taken in a long time. They are the standard to which I hold all trainings I do in the future.

Lando T.
Principal Product Owner

Our product development went down to about six to eight months from 18 months, and we are still improving!

Ethan Summers
CEO Extelli

I already got so much valuable information that will inform how I practice and understand Scrum. I’m looking forward to advancing, growing, and learning more Scrum.

Sasha A.
LevelUp Scholar

I finished Scrum Launchpad today! What an incredibly well-designed course. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn more about Scrum and Agile and practice it soon. Thank you!

Rhyannon J.
LevelUp Scholar

I feel way more challenged at work, and more fulfilled in the everyday aspects of this role!

Hakeem L.
Scaled Scrum Master

Hi everyone.. so glad to be here. I am Tolu B., and I sincerely appreciate this opportunity from CAVU. I just completed my Scrum Launchpad!!! Those short videos and slides are very easy to follow and clearly curated. Awesome!

Tolu B.
LevelUp Scholar

This course was very interactive, with a variety of ways to learn the role of SM and PO. I obtained a wealth of Agile skills during our daily training sessions and online learning. The entire team was SUPER conversant with the coursework. Chris was an awesome trainer! Thank you, CAVU!

Kenya K.
LevelUp Scholar
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"It is fabulous! I love the hybrid learning structuring. The Zoom classes and support classes are excellent and suits my learning needs "
Amarachi C.
Agile Accelerator Graduate