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Get Your Heartbeat Right

Coaching Guide

Navigate common pain points with our What-if coaching scenarios

Sprint Burndown Tool

A Sprint Burndown Excel template to increase clarity on your team's progress

Daily Scrum Agenda

Streamline your meetings with a clear, reusable Agenda

If you’re part of a Scrum team, you know the Daily Scrum is the heartbeat of your project’s progress. Yet, many teams find these meetings more of a stumbling block than a steppingstone to success. That’s where our Daily Scrum Survival Kit comes in, designed to empower your team to conduct more efficient, productive, and engaging Daily Scrums.

What's in the Toolkit?

Excel Burndown Chart

SPrint Burndown

Whether you have a physical board or a light-weight tool, this burndown provides a best practice approach to providing transparency on your progress through a Sprint.

Impediment Template

Impediment Template

Document, track and strategize around impediments for effective resolution. This guide provides best practices to tracking your impediments.

Coaching Scenarios

Coaching Scenarios

Handle unexpected issues with our expert guidance. This guide can help you prepare and respond for typical problems we see in Agile standups.

Assessment Rubric

Evaluate and quickly reference the key components on an effective Daily Scrum. Coach your teams to crawl, walk, and fly with this rubric.


Quick Sheet

Keep your meetings focused and efficient with our quick sheets and Daily Agenda. Use this as a guide in your team’s first standups.

Quick tips to maximize your daily scrum

Cultivate open communications

Use visual tools

Focus on the Sprint Goal

Keep it Time-Boxed

Be prepared & address impediments swiftly

Our toolkit helps you with this and more!
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